Mapped drive reconnect at sign-in “broken” on Windows 10

I have a number of LAN network drives mapped in Windows 10 to automatically reconnect at login. I found that after a recent update, the mapped drives were no longer mapped automatically but were still available after double clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Internet searches turned up a number of different solutions ranging from changing group policy to writing cmd files to manually mount the drives.  And while writing the cmd files seemed to be the most logically solution, knowing I would need to create over fifteen of them kept me looking. I then found this post, on of all places, which turned out to be both the simplest solution and the one that worked, which was to just make the Netlogon service auto-start.

I’m not sure if an update made Netlogon Manual start or if an update made the system now need Netlogon to auto-start but in either case, I would try it first if you are also having this problem.

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