Ipod connection to factory RES system

I was looking for a simple way to connect the audio out/headphone jack of my iPod to the AUX audio of the DVD Rear Entertainment System in my 2004 Acura MDX. The option existed of using a long cable plugged into the Auxiliary inputs on the third row, but for simplicity and ease of use, I much preferred having the connector mounted by the shifter between the cup holders.

After looking at many different dash mountable input jacks, I settled on the iSimple IS335 Dash Mountable Auxiliary Input Adapter from Amazon.

Using the MDX DVD Player Unit Connector Replacement diagram, and a DVM, I determined that B3 was the right audio signal, B4 the left audio signal, and B8 the audio ground. I used T-Splices and solder to attach the connector wires after I made sure which wires were the left and right channels and cut the RCA connectors off. I could also have used a Solderless Wire Quick Splice Connector.

Since the new audio inputs are in parallel with the rear AUX jacks, the rear AUX jacks work fine when nothing is plugged into the new connector. And to play music from the iPod select DVD/AUX on the head unit.

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