Raison d’être

I seem to find myself spending more and more time on Google looking for answers to problems I have. From error events in Windows Server to bugs in my C# code to fixing the heater fan on my MDX. More times than not, I have to try a number of solutions before finding the one that works. Way back when, I used to be able to go to dejanews.com and find what I was looking for pretty quickly and, if I couldn’t find it quickly, it was a sign that I was doing something pretty stupid. Now, however, there is just so much  information online that it is really difficult to find what I need. And god forbid if I need to find it again and didn’t store the URL.

This blog will therefore be my effort to keep track of the solutions that I have found and, when possible, give credit to the sites and people that have provided them.

Thanks and enjoy.